Harnessing the power of wildcrafted Australian natives to create advanced botanical skincare.

Sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free, our award-winning range is globally celebrated for creating a luxurious sensory experience with proven results.

Endorsed and recommended by Naturopaths our scientifically formulated products use a unique range of undiluted botanicals, cold pressed oils and carefully selected actives to provide nature’s very best in each bottle.

We believe in approaching skin conditions on an individual basis, providing natural solutions that work.

Click here to discover your botanical solution and allow your skin to bloom into its most beautiful self with Miod.




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beautiful skin the right way

Who said that beautiful skin is not possible with nature alone?

The right combination, the right extracts and the right ratios is what determines the effectiveness of a product.

Each condition we encounter must be approached on a scientific level to understand why that condition exists. By understanding it one can formulate with nature alone to improve that condition by using exactly what it needs.

Cold pressed natural and organic oils, scientifically proven bio-actives that deliver real, visible results on a cellular level formulated correctly is all you need.

Transform your skin naturally. Beauty should never come at a compromise.


“I used a “natural” brand of skincare for some time. I suffered from overly dry skin to the point that it was flaking above my forehead.  No matter what I tried it would not change. I then found Miod. After a consultation and being put on the right products it fixed!” S.F 20 April 2021

“I am 18, over the past 4 years I have dealt with hormonal acne and pretty severe post acne pigmentation. I have been using your enzyme cleanser, blemish serum, vitamin c serum and enzyme moisturiser for about 4 or so months now and my skin (in over 4 years) has never looked this clear.  I have had dermatologists tell me to go on the pill, accutane and undergo intrusive laser treatment. I feel sorry for the other young people and most importantly young woman who are lost and think those toxic tactics are the only option. I wish products like yours were more mainstream. Only then will people realise that clean, organic and non-toxic skincare can fix issues other products make worse.” JQ 14 June 2021

“Since using your products for close to a year now, I still have people who tell me how beautiful my skin looks.”  LW 30 June 2021


Beautiful Skin the Right Way
What Our Customers Say

Love the smell of this cleanser and its texture. It works great on my skin.


on the Deep Sea Collagen Elixir

One of the best moisturizers I have ever used! Saw the results immediately. I used to buy my products from another skincare company but these are made locally, are a great price point and they work amazingly.


on the Deep Sea Collagen Elixir

Bought this moisturizer as a set for my daughter who was suffering from periodic breakouts. Saw an immediate result and her skin cleared up nicely.


on the Deep Sea Collagen Elixir

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About Miod
Miod encapsulates a deep reverence for nature. Our philosophy is centred around the idea that each skin is entirely unique and requires a carefully curated botanical solution for its nourishment.

Having been recognised and awarded for excellence in the Clean and Conscious Awards, at the heart of Miod lies a deep commitment to consumer health, animal welfare, and sustainability.

Many consumers approach us with skin sensitivities and health concerns after having used products containing chemical preservatives, synthetic actives, and ineffective or harsh formulations.

Over the last three years, we are proud to have provided thousands of safe, potent, and chemical-free skincare solutions for people across the globe.

Our naturopath-approved formulations contain pure plant extracts that are fully-biodegradable, truly natural, and undiluted, meaning no glycerin or alcohol is used as mediums.

We combine a unique set of native and wildcrafted Australian actives to treat each skin concern in the most natural, gentle, and effective way possible.

With exquisitely presented flora nestled in precious oils and organic potions, we create a luxurious sensory experience alongside lasting results.

Helping you bloom into your most beautiful, confident, and healthy self is our goal, because we believe that beauty should be natural and uncomplicated.
About Miod
Sonya’s Story
Sonya’s connection to nature, wildlife, and beauty began at a young age, and MIOD is her precious culmination of all three.

Using her laboratory to alchemise plant extracts into award-winning formulations, Sonya has helped women all over the globe experience life-changing results when it comes to their skin concerns.

After working in business and living in America as well as Costa Rica, Sonya decided to settle down in Healesville, Victoria, and became a certified natural skincare formulator. During this time she discovered that nature alone has the answers to our problems and that beautiful skin can easily be attained by using the correct botanical formulations.
Our latest

Miód, a Polish word meaning honey, represents my philosophy and what I aim to achieve in the natural organic skincare products range I produce.

The honey bee works together with the environment which provides her with food, pollinating flowers in exchange for nectar, while the honey she makes is healthy and natural with many healing and medicinal properties; enriching and sustaining.

With Miód Skincare I share with you my passion to create organic products which feed and nourish the skin, and which respect the environment from which they come.

Founder of Miód Skincare
What our customers say
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Achieving the right skincare results depends upon the right products and the right routines. At Miod we endeavour to understand your skin concerns and with our expertise and knowledge we will help put you on the right path to get the results you want. Each person we consult is given their own personalized step by step routines and guided through this process to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. We pride ourselves on the results we have seen and achieved with many of our customers and hope that we can also do the same with you.
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