Well here it is!  A beautiful way help nourish and soften your skin while you relax in that well deserved bath!

Coconut Milk has a high-fat content which can have amazing moisturising effects when applied topically to the skin.   It can also act like a sealant to lock in moisture and hydrate.  It is easily absorbed and is an amazing addition to any bath.   It can be used on all skin types.

To dress it up we have added the beautiful dried flowers of Lavender and Rose to add that extra touch of luxury.

Use it yourself or gift it to a loved one.  It is a true pleaser.



Coconut Milk, Dried Lavender, Dried Roses.


Directions for Use

Add a couple of tablespoons to your bath while it is filling up.  Hop in and enjoy!

Coconut, Lavender and Rose Bath Milk

Suitable: All Skin Types
Benefits: Helps nourish and moisturise the skin