Beauty Benefits: Helps to detoxify, balance and cleanse the body.

Botanical Actives:

Dandelion Root – Derived from the root of Dandelion, this organic herb supports, cleanses  and detoxes the liver; the key to glowing and healthy skin.

Green Tea – Used for centuries for promoting health, this beautiful plant is packed with antioxidants and detoxification properties.

Spearmint – This beautiful herb has the ability to help balance hormones, improve digestion and help reduce stress levels, all key components to healthy skin.

Calendula – Known in the skincare world for its healing properties, taken internally this herb has the ability to promote plumper healthier looking skin.

All Ingredients: Rose*, Spearmint*, Chamomile*, Calendula*, Rosemary*, Hibiscus*, Elderflower*, Jasmin*, Green Tea*, Licorice*, Red Raspberry Leaf*, Dandelion Root*.


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  1. Sally Kellett

    The tea

    This is one of the prettiest teas out there! It feels like I’m drinking a very interesting yet thoughtful collection of flowers and herbs. I drink this tea on days where I want to treat myself to something special.

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Organic Skin Perfection Tea


Turn dry, dull skin into glowing, healthy skin with our Organic Skin Perfection Tea. It contains organic botanical and wildcrafted ingredients to ensure you get the most natural and beneficial tea possible. A special blend of herbs that have been used traditionally to cleanse the blood, detox, balance and nourish the body to help give you the best possible complexion along side your natural skincare routine.

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