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Australia's First Biodegradable Natural Skincare




A Passion for Botanical Solutions


Sonya’s connection to nature, wildlife, and beauty began at a young age, and Miód is her precious culmination of all three. Using her laboratory to alchemise plant extracts into award-winning formulations, Sonya has helped women all over the globe experience life-changing results when it comes to their skin concerns. After working in business and living in America as well as Costa Rica, Sonya decided to settle down in Healesville, Victoria, and became a certified natural skincare formulator. During this time she discovered that nature alone has the answers to our problems and that beautiful skin can easily be attained by using the correct botanical formulations.

About MIOD


We make natural skincare products made by Australian Botanicals. MIOD uses wildcrafted Australian native ingredients in our products. We believe that each person’s skin is unique and requires a specific botanical solution. Our products are made with pure plant extracts and are free of chemicals and preservatives. MIOD is committed to sustainability and animal welfare.
Naturopath-approved Formulations


Having been recognised and awarded for excellence in the Clean and Conscious Awards, at the heart of Miod lies a deep commitment to consumer health, animal welfare, and sustainability. Our naturopath-approved formulations contain pure plant extracts that are fully-biodegradable, truly natural, and undiluted, meaning no glycerin or alcohol is used as mediums. We combine a unique set of native and wildcrafted Australian actives to treat each skin concern in the most natural, gentle, and effective way possible. With exquisitely presented flora nestled in precious oils and organic potions, we create a luxurious sensory experience alongside lasting results.

Natural & Uncomplicated Skincare


Many consumers approach us with skin sensitivities and health concerns after having used products containing chemical preservatives, synthetic actives, and ineffective or harsh formulations. Over the last three years, we are proud to have provided thousands of safe, potent, and chemical-free skincare solutions for people across the globe. Helping you bloom into your most beautiful, confident, and healthy self is our goal, because we believe that beauty should be natural and uncomplicated.

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We harness the power of wildcrafted Australian natives to create advanced botanical skincare.
Sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free.

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At MIOD, we believe in harnessing the power of nature’s finest ingredients to cultivate healthy, radiant skin. Our comprehensive range of natural skincare products caters to every skin type and concern, offering a luxurious self-care experience from head to toe.

Products For Healthy Skin:

Cleanse and Refresh

Dive into a clean routine with our gentle yet effective cleansers, including creams, gels, balms, and oils formulated for all skin types (find them in our Cleansers category). Enhance your cleansing ritual with our reusable Bamboo Facial Cleansing Pads from the Accessories collection.

Hydrate and Nourish

Embrace lasting hydration with our nourishing moisturisers (Moisturisers category). We offer lightweight lotions and luxurious creams packed with botanical extracts to target specific concerns like dryness or signs of aging.

Target and Transform

Experience the power of concentrated botanical actives with our targeted Serums (Serums category). Address blemishes, uneven tone, and signs of aging with these potent formulas designed to transform your complexion visibly.

Exfoliate and Reveal

Unveil your natural glow with our gentle exfoliants and rejuvenating face masks (Exfoliants & Face Masks category). Find the perfect treatment to remove impurities, refine texture, and achieve a radiant visage.

Boost and Brighten

Supercharge your skincare routine with our targeted Booster collection (Boosters category). Discover potent serums to address concerns like hydration, brightening, and overall repair.

Invigorate and Refresh

Keep your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day with our refreshing Face Mists (Face Mists category). Formulated with botanical extracts, these mists deliver a burst of hydration and cater to specific needs like calming or toning.

Indulge Your Body

Pamper your skin from head to toe with our luxurious Body collection (Body category). Discover nourishing body oils, hydrating washes, and lip care essentials. We even offer curated gift sets (Gifts category) to share the gift of botanical skincare with loved ones.

Explore More About MIOD’s Products:

Discover our full range of natural skincare products, including Face Oils (Face Oils category) for deep rejuvenation, Eye Care (Eyes category) to target delicate concerns, and Hair Care (Hair Care category) with our hero product, the award-winning Goddess Hair Oil.

Our Commitment to Quality

MIOD is formulated for all skin types, including the most sensitive. We source the finest botanical ingredients and utilize advanced skincare science to ensure the highest purity, efficacy, and visible results.

Join the MIOD Community

Embark on a journey to healthier, radiant skin with MIOD. Explore our collections by category or skin concern, and discover the difference nature can make in your skincare routine. Join our community of botanical skincare enthusiasts and experience the transformative power of MIOD.

If you have any questions, reach out and contact us.