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I am a mother of two beautiful children, have a great & supportive husband. We live in beautiful Healesville Victoria where I also have my own laboratory to make my products. My spare time was used studying about health eating, face products and volunteering to save or rehabilitate our precious native animals.

It wasn’t until recently that I found my calling & where I decided to embark upon an adventure into the skincare world. At the beginning I was not very well educated on what we put on our skin but I knew that there was something not right and I knew that what we put on our skin ultimately ended up in our body. I had various friends over the years fall ill with various diseases never heard of before, cancer, etc and while they did not necessarily trace them back to their origin I knew it had to do with what was being put in their body whether it was food or topical.

I wanted to do something about this but something big and something that made a difference. I decided to take on the area of skincare. I knew that I loved creating things & knew this would be somewhere I could do this. I spent the last two years studying, getting my diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, researching & formulating.
I left no stone unturned in my research as it was important to me to really understand what we were putting on our skin, how it was extracted, where did it come from and what were its abilities.

From there I formulated my range of products utilising what I had learned, basic aromatherapy and how nature works. I chose ingredients that I felt were ethically sourced, a true extraction of nature, had no chemicals used in their extraction and did not harm the environment. I found extracts that are unique and state of the art, an exact duplicate of the inner works of the plant itself providing a truely 100% active ingredient.

I believe the human body does better with nature than the synthetics & created products that are truely natural as nature intended; ones that work synergistically with each other to bring about a desired result.

I hope you enjoy the products as much I enjoy making them & I hope that I can help change the skincare world & show that natural does work & that nature has the answers.
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Over 95% of woman don’t know what they should be putting on their skin. Let me help you with your free skincare consultation and put you on the right path to beautiful skin.
The skin is our largest organ and in addition to being the first line of defense to what is absorbed into our bodies it performs a number of important functions. These include providing structure and protection to internal tissues, temperature regulation, elimination of toxins and manufacture of Vitamin D. Skin is also a permeable barrier meaning that what we put on our bodies will, inevitably, also make its way into our bloodstream and vital organs.

Looking after your skin is not just about making it look good on the outside, but also your internal health and well being.

Many ingredients commonly used in skincare products have been known to cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and accumulate in vital organs.

They have been linked to neuro, reproductive, respiratory, kidney, liver, developmental and immuno toxicity as well as cancer. In addition to being harmful, these ingredients will not provide you with any nourishment, and are of no benefit to your overall health. Using products made with nutrient rich, natural ingredients means that they will both nourish and enrich your skin and continue having a positive effect as they are absorbed into your body. Using products made with nutrient rich, natural ingredients means that they will both nourish and enrich your skin and continue having a positive effect as they are absorbed into your body.
Unfortunately increased awareness and demand for natural skincare has caused the market to become flooded with hundreds of products claiming to be organic and natural. Unfortunately current Australian labelling laws allow products to be labelled as natural and organic even if they contain little to no natural ingredients. Consequently it is important to read the labels.

Be mindful of the number of ingredients and where they are located. It does not take many ingredients to make a high quality, effective and nutritious natural skincare product.

Many ingredients in non organic natural skincare are simply fillers, stabilisers and bulking agents that hold no nutritional value.

In terms of location on the label, ingredients must be listed in order of quantity contained in the products, from highest to lowest. If the natural plant oil or extract is at the bottom of a list of 20 to 30 ingredients then any benefit it may hold is far outweighed by everything else that makes up the product.

The manufacturing process of ingredients is also important to consider as this affects their chemical structure and therefore, nutritional content.

Look out for refined ingredients, those extracted in the presence of heat or using a chemical solvent. These processes strip plant oils, extracts and waxes of their health giving properties and can leave the end product contaminated if a solvent had been used to extract it.

Finally, if a product is certified organic it does not mean it is 100% natural.

Organic means that the ingredient was grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. A certified organic product can contain up to 5% of ingredients which are not certified organic, usually in the form of emulsifiers and preservatives, again highlighting the importance of reading labels.

Look after the only skin and body you have and contribute positively to your overall health by choosing products that will nourish and hea
The heroes of the Miód natural organic skincare range are our face and body oils. A good quality cold pressed plant oil is the purest form of skincare, as it is highly nutritious on its own and does not require any other additives to keep it stable. Our oils can be used as moisturisers in place of creams and lotions.

They vary from deeply hydrating to very light weight and easily absorbed, so suit all types of skin and can be used daily or as a special treatment, depending on your skin’s needs.

A cream is an emulsion made from oil and water, and emulsifiers are required to keep the mixture combined. The majority of plant derived emulsifiers have either undergone extensive processing or require a large number of additives to keep the mixture stable, however we feel we have sourced the right one that is natural, chemical free and effective.

We have however specially formulated creams that are naturally emulsified using only Beeswax and Sclerotium Gum.

Our natural organic skincare products have a light to medium weight, easily absorbed texture and are suitable to use day or night, or as a base for make up. We also use Beeswax to make rich, deeply hydrating and nourishing balms. Depending on how your skin is feeling these can be used as a daily moisturiser, or as a deep treatment a couple of times a week.

Additionally all our Face Mists can be used in conjunction with the oils, creams and balms to enhance absorption and adjust their moisturising quality
To create this organic natural skincare range we took the approach of sorting products by skin type. In the spirit of keeping it simple each product is completely unique but is also suitable for most skin types.

The difference lies in how you use it. No one person is the same, and so we do not want you to try to fit into a ‘skin type’ mold. How your skin looks and feels also depends on the weather, season or simply how much sleep you’ve had that day.

Under each product description you will find a recommendation of the types of skin that would find it most beneficial and you’ll find some guidelines on how to use the products, to make selection easier.

Miód is all about taking a more intuitive approach with your skin care routine. In our ingredients you will find descriptions of each of our ingredients and can use this to make a more informed choice. You know best what is right for your skin on a day to day basis and we want to empower you to do what feels right not what someone says is right at an isolated point in time.