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Hair Oil Benefits

Benefits of A Hair Oil

Let’s delve into the benefits a Hair Oil can give you that your other haircare products may not.

Hair Oil has been around for centuries and has been used in beauty routines across various cultures dating as far back as the Egyptians!  Hair Oil is a product that contains a multitude of benefits that go beyond merely aesthetics.  Let’s cover each of these benefits and what could be in store for you!


The oils generally used in Hair Oils serve as potent sources of nourishment for the hair and the scalp.   With their fatty acids, vitamins and minerals they penetrate deeply, helping to replenish the hair from the inside out.

When the hair is constantly exposed to various elements, including environmental, chemical hair treatments, heat and styling, these vital nutrients can be lost resulting in dryness, brittleness, split ends and more.

Strengthening and Elasticity:

Hair oils can work wonders when it comes to fortifying hair follicles and preventing breakage.  A particular oil, known as Evening Primrose Oil, has been known to specifically target elasticity of the hair.   The oils act as a shield, helping to reduce damage and promote strength.

Scalp Health and Circulation:

Having a healthy scalp lays the foundation for thriving hair.   Hair oil massages help to stimulate circulation which enhances the nutrient delivery to the follicles.   Regular massages with oil can help to alleviate dryness, itchiness and flaking while also fostering an environment conducive to hair growth.

Shine and Softness:

The hairs ability to shine depends upon the health of the hair cuticle.  When it is healthy the cuticle lies flat and is translucent, giving it the ability to reflect light.  When the cuticle is damaged or not lying flat, the hair looks frizzy, feels rough and is vulnerable to mechanical or chemical damage.

Hair oil can help to get those cuticles back to health creating shiny and smooth hair.

Versatility and Customisation:

One of the best attributes of hair oil is its versatility, catering to a diverse range of hair types and concerns.   Not all hair oils are created equal.  It truely depends upon the oils used and what the hair oil is formulated to do.  Lighter weight oils are generally suited to fine hair whereas richer oils are tailored for thicker or coarse hair.

We have tailored our Goddess Hair oil to be used on all hair types, combining a rich array of different oils with benefits that suit all hair types. We have concentrated on creating an oil that will help not just with the overall health of the hair but with growth and shine.  The oils chosen are only those that have had a long history of proven benefits for the hair.

Our Hero Oil in the Goddess Hair Oil:

It is called Pracaxi.  This oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Pentaclethra Macroloba trees, native to the Amazon.  It contains a high concentration of Behenic Acid (a fatty acid responsible for hydrating and protecting when used in haircare.   This oil has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous Amazonian populations for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Pracaxi is known for its rapid absorption rate making it a very light, non-greasy option for adding softness, shine, and conditioning to strands.  Instead of sitting on the top of the scalp and hair it is actually absorbed deep into the strands delivering it nourishing nutrients.


So to sum it all up a hair oil is nourishing, strengthening, transformative, a multitasker and truely natural!  So if you are seeking to restore vitality to your hair, or indulge in a moment of self-care, this might just be a trusty companion to take on that journey.

Check out our Goddess Hair Oil.

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