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What is in MIOD Natural Skincare Products?

Miód products are made with 100% natural ingredients. This is a big claim to make, however the truth speaks for itself and we take pride in the carefully selected ingredients included in our products. The following criteria is strictly adhered to in the selection of ingredients: Must come from nature Has not been tested on animals No chemicals were used in the processing Contains no GMOs Certified organic if possible Locally sourced if possible

As for the actual products themselves; we believe that the correct combination of ingredients brings about a truely effective product. The end result looks, smells and feels beautiful, will remain that way for the duration of its shelf life and most importantly will positively contribute to the health of your skin.

Essential oils are a key component of the Miód Skincare ranges, made using natural organic ingredients
Essential oils are extracted from plant material through the process of distillation, which means that no chemicals are used. The final product is a pure plant essence retaining a beautiful aroma and the therapeutic properties of the plant from which it came. We use certified organic essential oils whenever possible.

Plant oils form the basis of the Miód Skincare ranges using natural organic ingredients.
We use certified organic, cold pressed plant oils as a base for many of our products.  Cold pressing results in a highly nutritious oil full of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals which are incredibly beneficial to the health of our skin and bodies.  They soften, smooth and help repair damaged skin.

In addition to the essential oils & beautiful plant oils, we use a number of other key natural ingredients & extracts to enhance the active properties and texture of Miód products. Our extracts are the latest technology of cellular extraction where the plant matix is duplicated exactly in a plant based glycerin.  It is done through a cold process where as traditionally it is done through heat potentially destroying some of the plants essential properties.  This gives you a bioactive extract that is essentially a duplicate of the plant itself, giving you a more active & effective ingredient.