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Having seen many women experience health issues due to the products they were using, she wanted to cut through the noise and saturation of beauty products on the market. Through MIOD, Sonya has created simple, natural, and gentle solutions using pure plant extracts without chemicals and synthetics.

Knowing that many health problems are a result of what our skin absorbs over time, Sonya offers consultations using a holistic approach to help women create a customised plan that targets their unique needs.

From rescuing animals in need when she was a little girl, through to creating a brand that supports Heritage Australia and rehabilitating Australian wildlife, Sonya is a true animal lover. She now lives on a farm surrounded by the tranquillity and unconditional love of her farm animals, as well as her supportive husband and two beautiful children.

MIOD leaves a lasting impression through its unforgettable packaging, encapsulating nature in a bottle. Multiple products from MIOD were nominated as finalists at the Clean & Conscious Awards, and her Vitamin C Serum and Eternal Beauty Serum have recently been award-winners.
Despite her achievements, Sonya spends her free time studying all things beauty and wellness. Combining her love for helping women look and feel beautiful, with her knowledge of boutique aromatherapy, Sonya has created a revolutionary range that feels luxurious yet highly personal.

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