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At Home Method for Hair Growth

at home Method for Hair Growth

You may or may not have heard of a method call the Inversion method.  Well if you haven’t you might be in for a treat!  This is probably one of the best kept secrets for rapid hair growth.

On top of that it is literally probably one of the easiest things you can do in the comfort of your own home and for only 5-10 minutes a day.  With everything we have to get done in a day who wouldn’t love a quick and easy method.

So first of all what exactly is the “inversion method’?  It is essentially a pose where your heart is in a position higher than your head.

You can do this a few ways depending on what is comfortable and works for you.

– Sitting on couch in the complete opposite position you would normally sit.  Your back would be where your legs are, with your legs up the back of the couch and your head hanging off the edge. This puts your heart in the position of being higher than your head.

– Sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed and hang your head between your legs.

– Downward dog pose as in pilates

When you are in that position it means that gravity is pulling the fluids and tissues in your body downwards, including your blood.  The blood flow is reversed in your body.  This also means that your heart does not have to work as hard to move oxygenated blood to your head.

With gravity doing its part your hair follicles get an inflow of fresh blood cells and these extra blood cells work to promote hair growth.

For increased effectiveness you need to massage your head while in that position.

Before you begin this method, take a photo and measure the length of your hair.  You will use this to compare results once having preformed this method for two months.

Please see the procedure and notes below.  It is best to only perform this action once a month for 7 days and NO MORE.


For the next 7 days, do the following each day, ONCE per day.

a) Sit on a chair, the end of the bed or the couch with your heart in a position above your head.  Go back to the top for ideas if needed.  Set a timer for 5-10 minutes.  Start with 5 minutes for your first week if you have never done this before. You may find anyway that 10 minutes is too much straight away.  If you start feeling dizzy or lightheaded at all during this please stop immediately.  You may need to build up to it.

b) Start the timer and while the time is ticking down massage your scalp with your figures to help circulate the blood flow.  It works best to continuously massage until the timer is up.  No cheating :). If you find your fingers getting sore or cramped use a massaging tool for the head instead.

c) When the alarm has sounded move SLOWLY back to standing upright.  Take it slowly.  Your body needs to readjust and the blood flow needs to stabilise out again.

d) Repeat this in 4 weeks time.

After you have done this for a couple of months, take another photo and compare!!


If you want to see even faster results, add a hair oil in your routine.  This should be applied once a week at night.  Massage into the roots and then evenly distribute throughout the hair.  Tie it up and sleep with the oils in your hair, allowing them to work their magic.  Rinse and wash the following morning.  Depending on the condition of your hair you may need a little condition on the ends or no conditioner at all.

Some of the most researched oils that promote hair growth are as follows:

Pumpkin Seed
Argan Oil

You will find all of those oils and more in our GODDESS HAIR OIL.

Hair oils are not only great for helping with hair growth but they also improve manageability, softness, elasticity and health of your hair.  It is one of the most natural and effective ways to care for your hair.

If you can try to allow your hair to air dry, gently squeeze excess water out of the hair and avoid putting it up in a towel on top of your head.  Don’t brush your hair while it is wet, use a wet brush or bamboo comb to ensure you don’t damage your hair by excessive pulling.


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