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Very Dry Skin


Dry skin is becoming more and more of a condition as the years go by.  It could be because of the climate, your environment, the multitude of skincare products out there that are destroying your skin more than helping the skin or a broken skin barrier.  Whichever one it is there is a solution to handling dry skin using only natural and organic products and the results can be almost immediate.

After consulting with a number of customers who suffered from overly dry skin and tailoring routines for them it was obvious what was missing and what needed to be done.

In order to meet the demands of this increasing condition a moisturiser was created to tackle the problem on all angles possible.

The factors involved in very dry skin were as follows:

  1. Broken Skin Barrier
  2. Trying to handle the dry skin condition by using oils alone
  3. Not giving the skin the water hydration that it needed

The skin is made up of various layers and rather than get into all of those layers and how they work let me lay this out for you very simply.

The skin needs water to keep the cells healthy, performing their job and hydrated.

If the skin is loosing too much water also known as TEWL (trans-epidermal-water-loss) then the products being used are not helping to lock in moisture and keep it from escaping.

The result is dry skin. The skin looks dehydrated and wrinkles will be more pronounced.  In some extreme cases the skin will be flaky and itchy.

So what is the solution?

Products to tackle each layer of the skin, to provide the moisture (water) that it needs, to soften the skin and create a barrier that keeps the water from escaping.  With these steps in the skin will feel hydrated, not rough or dry.  Wrinkles will be less defined.


You want to provide your skin with a product that draws water to it. Also known as a humectant.  The one that is most commonly known is called Hyaluronic Acid.  This is a beauty in that it is able to hold a 1000 times its weight in water.  Applying such a serum to your face after you wash it will draw water into the skin and give that water hydration it is looking for.

The only catch however is that when applying such a serum you must ensure that your skin is slightly damp, either from washing or applying a toner/face mist.  The serum will take the water on the surface the skin and take it in.  


The next step is to apply a moisturiser that gives the skin the essential fatty acids that it needs (from oils) and provides a barrier.   The ingredient that provides the barrier effect is also known as an occlusive.  This is something that creates a barrier on the skin to stop water from escaping.  It includes products such as waxes, butters and some oils (beeswax for example or Shea Butter).  These natural products provide that barrier to help prevent water loss.

Combining these two types of products; a water based product containing Hyaluronic Acid and an occlusive to create a barrier on the skin; will lead to softer, hydrated and less dry skin.

You cannot get the result by using just one of those products.  It requires the combination of these products to get the results you are looking for.

Hope that helps!

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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