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Botanical Repair Set

30ml each
Suitable: All Skin Types
Benefits: Soothes, helps rebuild the skins barrier, protects and nurtures back to health.


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Repair your skin ! In todays world of increased pollutants, environmental aggressors and the like our skin is in constant battle to maintain its natural healthy state.  For some these aggressors have won, leaving them with inflammation, sensitivities, irritation and more.  But it can be reversed.  The key is to rebuilding the skins natural barrier which protects it from these aggressors. Attempting to use chemical laden products to rebuild this barrier only puts the skin at further risk.  Use only what nature has to offer as it has the right answers and ones that will persist.

Try our dynamic duo set, Botanical Face Oil and Botanical Repair Serum.  Formulated to address stressed, irritated and sensitive skin.  Trialed and tested on some of the most sensitive skins, this set contains no essential oils or potential irritants for those suffering from sensitivities.  A pure testament to the power of nature; these products work to help soothe the skin, rebuild its natural barrier, protect it from external aggressors and nourish and feed the skin back to natural healthy state.

Botanical Repair Serum:

A soothing serum designed to repair and rescue damaged and sensitive skin. Infused with calming and restorative cold pressed oils of Cucumber and Kakadu Plum and a carefully selected array of Australian Native biocellular extracts that are packed with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and skin moisturising properties to help strengthen capillary walls, rebuild collagen and restore the skins natural barrier.

Lysine, an essential amino acid and precursor to collagen production helps restore the skin while Colloidal Silver, used for centuries as a natural remedy for compromised skin,  helps repair and increase cell renewal. This powerful combination of natural ingredients with scientifically proven qualities is natures answer to repair and restore.

Naturally scented with the beautiful aroma of Cucumber & Kakadu Plum Oil this serum is safe for all skin types.

Botanical Face Oil

A truely organic face oil formulated to target sensitive and oily skin.  Containing a high concentration of Omega 6, known as Linoleic Acid, this oil will help repair, rebalance and restore the skins natural barrier.  It has been documented that an imbalance in Omega 6 can lead to overly sensitive and over oily skin.

Our combination of of organic and natural cold pressed oils, all chosen for their high concentration of Omega 6 will help sooth, hydrate and rebuild the skins barrier while balancing out the skins oil production.

Lightly scented with the natural smell of Kakadu Plum Seed Oil and Passionflower Seed Oil.

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How to Use


Botanical Repair Serum – Apply this serum after cleansing and essentially applying a face mist or toner.  Put one to two pumps into the palm of your hand and apply all over the face.  This serum must be applied before a face oil or moisturiser.

Botanical Balancing Face Oil – After applying your serum add three to four drops of face oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to gently warm the oil and pat all over the face.  Gently warming the oil between your hands can help with absorption.

If you are also using a moisturiser add the drops of oil to your moisturiser and rub into the skin.


Please refer to individual products for their full ingredients list.


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